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My mom is going to get a FL resident seasonal pass for our upcoming all-
too-brief visit to WDW.  I've never had any sort of AP, so I have a couple 
of questions.  The first is, one can activate a pass at guest relations 
right outside the MK turnstiles, correct?  (We wouldn't have to stop at the 
ticket booths at TTC?)  And as long as I'm asking... could she buy her FL 
resident seasonal pass at MK guest relations too?  Or must we get it 
There's no reason to go to TTC at all.  She can turn in her voucher
for the real pass at any park's Guest Services (also at Downtown
Disney).  She can buy the pass at any park guest services, Downtown
Disney guest services, and even her AAA office if she's a member.

If she buys it at downtown it'll save her the parking fee. After 
activation parking will be free at the parks as well.
Parking at the parks is not free with the Florida Resident Seasonal
Pass. Only with the Annual Pass.

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Azamara Quest 10-26-2007
Doris is correct.

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